Maricopa County Superior Court – Felony DUI / Aggravated DUI – Arizona Revised Statute 28-1383

The Maricopa County Superior Court is where all Felony DUI (AKA Aggravated DUI) cases go for trial.  This is also whether all Vehicular Endangerment, Vehicular Aggravated Assault, Vehicular Homicide, Vehicular 2nd Degree Murder, Vehicular Manslaughter, Hit & Run (AKA Leaving the Scene) and Felony Flight cases go for trial, if charged as a Felony.The Maricopa County Superior Court complex is located in Downtown Phoenix, at 201 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, AZ 85002.  The closest cross streets are Jefferson St. & Central.

While the Maricopa County Superior Court complex is made up of an “East Court Building,” a “West Court Building,” a Central Court Building,” and a South Court Tower, all Aggravated DUIs cases that are heading towards trial are handled at the Central Court Building, including charges for:

Aggravated DUI – License – Arizona Revised Statute §28-1383(A)(1)
Aggravated DUI – 3rd in Time – Arizona Revised Statute §28-1383(A)(2)
Aggravated DUI – Child Under the Age of 15 – Arizona Revised Statute §28-1383(A)(3)
Aggravated DUI – Ignition Interlock Device – Arizona Revised Statute §28-1383(A)(4)

All Aggravated DUI (AKA Felony DUI) trials in Maricopa County, Arizona, are overseen by one of two Commissioners:  Commissioner Phemonia Miller, in Courtroom 802 of the Central Court Building; and  Commissioner Jerry Bernstein, in Courtroom 902 of the Central Court Building.

Having two specific judges oversee all Aggravated DUI cases is the exception in Maricopa County, not the rules, because Aggravated DUI charges are considered a specialized field.  While most other charges in the Maricopa County Superior Court can be heard by any judge that is assigned the case, and may get transferred between different judges in the Maricopa County Court System, Aggravated DUI cases are different.

An Aggravated DUI case should ONLY go before one of these two Commissioners, and will stay in front of that assigned Commissioner for all court appearances, motions, and trial, and sentencing (if necessary).

Because Maricopa County considers Aggravated DUI cases to be so specialized, and has assigned two specific judges to keep on top of all the changes to DUI laws and case law on the subject, it is especially important to have a DUI Lawyer… not a Criminal Lawyer, but a DUI Lawyer, to represent you on your Aggravated DUI case in Maricopa County Superior Court.

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