Felony Flight

Felony Flight – AKA: Unlawful Flight from a Pursuing Law Enforcement Vehicle – Arizona Revised Statute §28-622.01

Felony Flight is normally an “Add-on” charge when a person fails to timely stop in response to a pursuing law enforcement vehicle operating the red and blue lights and siren.

Most of the time, this charge is brought when a police chase ensues, and police vehicles, sometimes several, pursue a vehicle that has refused to properly pull over in response to the red and blue emergency lights. Sometimes, however, this charge is needlessly brought when someone doesn’t immediately pull over in response to the red and blue lights, even though they do pull over when they felt it was safe to do so.

Sometimes there is a contradiction with this charge, and the advice offered by police officers that anyone (usually directed to female drivers) who does not feel safe enough to pull over on a roadway, late at night, should try to find a well lit place to stop their vehicle.

There are a few issues with this type of charge, including whether the person even realized that they were being pursued by a law enforcement vehicle, and whether they were aware that there were red and blue flashing lights on a pursuing patrol vehicle.

While these cases can be difficult to defend, because of their simplicity, it is important to have a Quality Vehicular Crimes Attorney representing you. Your case might be the one that can be won, but if you have the wrong attorney, or the one that is not familiar with all the case law on the subject, your possibility of winning a winnable case may be lost.

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