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Are you facing DUI charges in Gilbert? It’s time to get an experienced attorney who knows what it takes to provide effective and successful representation. Every minute is important when it comes to making sure you get a fair shake in the criminal justice system.
Our Gilbert DUI lawyers focus exclusively on Driving Under the Influence and Vehicular-Related charges. That means you’ll be represented by an attorney who spends all of their time focusing on DUI cases. This provides The Arizona DUI Team with more knowledge and experience in DUI cases than any other law firm in the Valley.

How Can The Arizona DUI Team Help You?

Our Gilbert DUI lawyers have successfully represented more than 4,400 cases. Hiring a skilled attorney gives you a number of distinct advantages and can help you in any of the following ways.

Dismiss Charges: If there are flaws in your case, the Arizona DUI Team can help find those flaws. This could lead to your case being dismissed and the charges against you dropped.

Reduced Charges: Maybe the charges against you don’t fit the offense. We will take a close look at your case and provide you with the best chance of having your DUI charges reduced or dismissed outright.

Minimize or Avoid Fines and Jail Time: Heavy fines and mandatory sentencing can send your life into a tailspin. If you want the best possible chance of minimizing or avoiding jail time, you need to have a skilled Gilbert DUI lawyer on your side.

How are Our Gilbert DUI Lawyers Different?

The Arizona DUI Team offers some of the highest quality representation in the state. Our experience, dedication and knowledge sets us apart from other defense attorneys.

Free Consultation: Our initial consultation is always free. We want you to feel completely confident that our Gilbert DUI lawyers will provide you with the best representation available. That’s why you won’t pay a dime until you decide to hire us.

Honest, Up-Front Pricing: You deserve to know how much it will cost to have your case handled by some of the best DUI attorneys in Arizona. That’s why we always provide affordable up-front pricing with no hidden fees.

Unparalleled Success Record: When you hire The Arizona DUI Team, you are hiring Gilbert DUI lawyers with a proven record of successfully representing clients. No other lawyer or law firm has such an impeccable record of getting a favorable outcome for our clients.
When you are charged with a DUI in Gilbert, be sure to give yourself a fighting chance by calling The Arizona DUI Team at 602-900-0529. Our talented team of attorneys are ready to get to work and provide you with the level of representation you deserve.

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