A drug DUI and alcohol DUI are treated very much the same when it pertains to penalties. However, the burden of proof required to prove that a person is under the influence of drugs while driving is different than it is for alcohol. While officers will likely perform a standard field sobriety test for both, if a breathalyzer finds the driver to have zero alcohol in their system after a failed field sobriety test, officers will usually perform a blood test to try and determine what substance the driver is using. Blood tests aren’t able to detect all drug types, and, if a person’s drug was undetectable, it gives officers less evidence to use against the driver in court. Visit for more information about drug DUI offenses.

The Attorneys with Arizona DUI Team are not part of a Referral Service. The Arizona DUI Team Lawyers were hand selected, based on their experience, to represent clients in need of excellent representation. With a Referral Service, any Attorney can pay to be included on a list that would have calls from potential clients transferred to them. That is not what the Arizona DUI Team does. The Arizona DUI Team is a collaboration between experienced Attorneys, who came together to participate in Group Advertising.

The Attorneys with Arizona DUI Team are not a Law Firm. They are highly experienced DUI Attorneys, in their individual Law Firms, that came together to offer an economical and valuable service.

The Attorneys with the Arizona DUI Team are individual Lawyers in their individual Law Firms. When you enter into a contract for Legal Services, you are doing so with the individual Lawyer. The Arizona DUI Team does not enter into a contract with the client.

If you decide to go to trial, you will have your Attorney – the one who has been representing you throughout your case – represent you at trial.

This is a very important question. Each Lawyer has their own policy regarding payment due dates. Make sure you address this issue with the specific Attorney that represents you.

Each Arizona DUI Team Member is able to accept cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, or any credit or debit card.

While each Arizona DUI Team Attorney is their own individual Law Firm, each Arizona DUI Team Attorney has agreed to offer clients a payment plan. The terms of the payment plan are between the client and their Attorney.

When an individual calls 602-900-0LAW, a receptionist will answer the phone, 24 hours a day, and will forward the call to an Arizona DUI Team Attorney, who you can talk to immediately. The Arizona DUI Team Attorney may be able to answer your question over the phone, or can set up a Free Consultation at a mutually convenient time..

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