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Steps to Building a Robust Defense

Traffic Stop

The first thing the Arizona DUI Team will look at is how and why you were initially stopped by the police. We look at every detail to look for any factor that could help your case.

If the officer who stopped you didn’t have reasonable cause to pull you over , the evidence gathered against you could be inadmissible and the case thrown out.


Field Sobriety Test

Law enforcement agencies must follow a very strict set of procedures when administering a field sobriety test. If proper protocol wasn’t followed, the charges could be dropped or the case dismissed.

Let The Arizona DUI Team take a look at your case. We can help you determine if a flawed sobriety test could be a factor in your case.


Breathalyzer and Blood Testing

The equipment used to administer a breathalyzer test must be functioning properly and adequately maintained to ensure accurate and reliable results. There are many factors that could affect the accuracy of this equipment. We’ll investigate every every detail closely.

The Arizona DUI Team knows how to analyze and interpret breath and blood tests to determine how the results will impact your defense. Trust the outstanding team of lawyers who focus exclusively on DUI defense representation in Arizona.

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Thanks to you, we won the case (all charges were dismissed). Without you I could do nothing. You were updating me at every step; texting and emailing me, and reducing my stress. The whole case was dismissed, from the MVD hearing to the court, and the attorney fees were very reasonable.

A DUI Client

Winning was a result of the expertise and diligence you displayed in the courtroom at trial. Me and my family will forever be thankful for your efforts.

R. A.

You represented me on an extremely complex and difficult aggrevated DUI Case and not only kept me out of jail but also was very compassionate and understanding through the whole process. There was never a time when i felt like you weren’t just as invested in my case as I was. I would absolutely recommend you to anyone facing this difficult process.


Hire any other lawyer, and you will be paying a lot more money and/or getting a lot less experience!

Attorney Brian D. Sloan

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