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I first used a prepaid legal service to find a DUI Attorney and I couldn’t even get him to answer simple questions about my case until I gave him $4,000 cash up-front. Disappointed, I did my research online to find the best DUI Attorney available. Your websites and credentials as a specialist in DUI cases were very impressive and your fees were reasonable. You thoroughly explained the process, my DUI charges, all my options and was up-front and honest in addressing all my concerns. He were diligent in keeping me informed of the status of my case; I called you several times — and you answered your own phone. You walked the walk and owned up to everything your website says you are — and more. Your in-depth knowledge of DUI Law resulted in my DUI case being dismissed in full. I’ve been there — and very thankful you were there with me. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting the absolute best DUI representation for your money invested.

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