• I was charged with Aggravated Assault with a car, and a couple DUI charges. The main charge was a Dangerous Felony, and I was looking at a decade or two in prison. The Public Defender got me a plea bargain for years in prison. I thought that was crazy. I hired you, and what you did on my case was absolutely unbelievable. Instead of years in prison and a Felony, you were able to get me no jail time and a Misdemeanor. Me and my family will forever be thankful that we were recommended to you.


  • I met with several other attorneys, all seemed to be less concerned with my situation. You asked all the right questions, was concerned with my case, and made no promises, but said you would do the best you could. You always talked with me in words I could understand. My wife also researched and found that you have a number one ranking. You also had the best rates!


  • You represented me for a DUI case, and came highly recommended by several other attorneys. From the moment I meet with you, till even after my case was closed, you had always been upfront and honest, and explained every option that you felt was appropriate for my case. I have and always would refer his services to anyone I know that has gotten a DUI. You are the best attorney that someone can have on their side.


  • You were personal and attentive to my needs as a first offender Extreme DUI. You were able to decrease my fees and provide me contacts to complete the necessary requirements for court. You were totally hands on with my case and I am extremely grateful for your assistance. I could not recommend a better Attorney.


  • Choosing you to represent me in my case was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only did he make me feel very comfortable, but you also made me feel like I was your main priority. As a result of choosing you, I had my sentence reduced DRASTICALLY. I am extremely grateful for all of your help and effort with getting me through a difficult time with less stress and ease.


  • My son was charged with an extreme DUI, among other charges. I was very concerned that his reckless decisions would keep him behind bars for a very long time and destroy his life! You were referred to us, and were an invaluable attorney and compassionate person who was always available to explain what was happening and what to expect.

    B. M.

  • My DUI case had literally been pending for years. I had gone through a few different lawyers, who would only push the plea agreement, and continue the case. I then had you represent me. Within a few weeks, you wrote a motion that convinced the prosecutor to completely dismiss the case against me. I can now move forward with my life. Thank you.


  • I was originally represented by a Public Defender who wasn’t doing anything for me. The Public Defender was pushing for me to take a plea agreement for prison time and thousands of dollars. I am so glad I hired you. Upon hiring you, you filed a motion, argued it in front of the judge, and all evidence against me was excluded from my case. I walked out of there a free man, with absolutely no conviction on my record.


** The above testimonials were edited, but represent the true statements made by former clients of Arizona DUI Team Lawyers, as provided directly to the Lawyers, as well as statements posted on websites.


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