• You were the best decision I could have made after being arrested for Extreme DUI. The verdict for my case was NOT GUILTY. You were persistent, knowledgeable and hard working. You cared about me and my family. I have and would always recommend you to anyone who has a DUI.


  • Thank you so very much for your awesome help in getting my case dismissed. You are an amazing attorney. From the moment I spoke with you, I knew I could rely on you to resolve my case. You advocated for me in the most excellent way. You are the most professional lawyer, respectful, skilled, and knowledgeable. I cannot say enough about you. Thank you! God bless you.

    A DUI Client

  • My experience was hell until I had the pleasure speaking with you. You know the law and everything there is in out and in between the court system. So much I have learned from you compared to all of the other lawyers I have had in the past. There are a couple more things to do with my case like bringing my case from felony to a misdemeanor that you will take care of for me when my probation is finished. I was to do a lot more probation, jail time, and pay more fines that I actually ended up with due to your work on my case. I am so very grateful that I had the privilege to work with such a knowledgeable lawyer for once. You turned everything to my side in the court, and the way it ended was un-heard-of.


  • You was very helpful on my Extreme DUI case. I had lots of questions and you provided timely complete answers to help me explore all options possible, You were able to decrease my fees and jail time, which was great since summer time in tent city would have been horrible. I would definitely recommend you.


  • You are true guru when it comes to DUIs. You are the only person I would refer clients to should they ever face such charges in the entire state in which you practice.

    M. K.

  • I first used a prepaid legal service to find a DUI Attorney and I couldn’t even get him to answer simple questions about my case until I gave him $4,000 cash up-front. Disappointed, I did my research online to find the best DUI Attorney available. Your websites and credentials as a specialist in DUI cases were very impressive and your fees were reasonable. You thoroughly explained the process, my DUI charges, all my options and was up-front and honest in addressing all my concerns. He were diligent in keeping me informed of the status of my case; I called you several times — and you answered your own phone. You walked the walk and owned up to everything your website says you are — and more. Your in-depth knowledge of DUI Law resulted in my DUI case being dismissed in full. I’ve been there — and very thankful you were there with me. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting the absolute best DUI representation for your money invested.

    C. B.

  • I had been issued a public defender for my third dui within 7 years. The PD recommended you to defend my case. You were very professional, personable, and importantly, available when I needed to talk to you. I was looking at very gruesome sentence and fines etc. You managed to get me the best possible plea I could see imaginable. When it came time to sentencing you were able to get me less time in jail and my fines to a bare minimum. (The best case scenario of my plea) I would highly recommend you to anyone with a Dui. You are even keeping in touch to make sure my undesignated felony will be designated a misdemeanor after I complete my probation. If I have any questions you are still always glad to answer and help out.


  • I had a public defender helping me out with my third DUI. There was some issues with my case, and she recommended me to you when you introduced yourself to me n my mom. You were nice n polite, and read my case file. i asked you a few question you answered my question with very positive feed back. i liked your positive attitude and the way your handled my case I would definitely recommend you to any one who needs a DUI lawyer. thanks again for helping me out with my case.


** The above testimonials were edited, but represent the true statements made by former clients of Arizona DUI Team Lawyers, as provided directly to the Lawyers, as well as statements posted on websites.


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